My pregnancy was generally quite easy, despite a few complications. I was about 6 weeks pregnant when we found out, having taken a test due to the fact I could NOT get enough hummus. I had previously hated the stuff but I was getting through a tub a day! I had the usual morning sickness (although definitely not limited to the morning!) and fatigue attributed to the first trimester pretty much within a few days of finding out. I think I had been feeling off and not understood why before that. I can remember wondering how it was possible to feel so tired, but wow, that was nothing!

At 7 weeks pregnant I did have a bit of drama. I had a bleed at work. I called the hospital and was told to go to the walk in centre as I was before 12 weeks and obviously that is when you are most likely to miscarry. I was beside myself with worry. After a four hour wait I was seen by a doctor (it was 10pm by this point) and he was also concerned I was miscarrying. I was referred for an emergency scan. Thankfully the scan showed a healthy little pip in there. We could see the heart beating and everything was in the correct place. The bleed, however, was due to a sizeable cyst that had developed on my ovary. The doctors werent concerned however and it was decided wed just keep an eye on it. Luckily for me it had shrunk by my 12 week scan and was no longer a problem.

At our 12 week scan we had the usual tests, and it came back that I had ‘low PAPP-A’. This is a hormone that the placenta makes and is detected in the mothers blood. Recent research has shown that low levels of this hormone can indicate future problems with the placenta. These issues can lead to low birth weight in babies and occasionally still birth, but that’s not very likely at all.

Obviously this news was pretty upsetting to start with, but once we had spoken to the doctors I felt much better about it. We were offered additional growth scans and monitoring to make sure everything was in order, and I continued on my merry way through pregnancy with it at the back of my mind, but not massively worried about it.

By 20 weeks my morning sickness had tapered off and I was feeling pretty good considering. I had just started showing a very small bump, though you might just have thought I was a bit thick in the middle if you didn’t know me. The second trimester was definitely the best. It was during this trimester we took a holiday to Biarritz, our last as a couple. We had a lovely time and things felt very real once it was over.

Once back home, it was straight back to the hospital for me. Due to my medical history, I was due a glucose tolerance test as I was at risk of gestational diabetes. The test is pretty nasty. You have to fast for 12 hours (not easy when you are pregnant!) and then have a blood test. They then give you a truly gross glucose drink that tastes like a dusty orange. You have 10 mins to drink the whole thing, then you have to sit still for 2 hours for your body to deal with the glucose. It was very boring I have to say. After this 2 hours, you have another blood test and you are free to go. By this time I hadn’t eaten for about 18 hours so off to Costa I went for my last meal as a non-diabetic!

I was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes at 24 weeks. This was pretty upsetting for me as obviously this carries serious risks for your developing baby (and I had been caning the carbs up to this point). I began to monitor my sugars by testing my blood 4 times per day. I was fortunate as I managed to keep my sugars controlled by diet alone.

After this diagnosis things were pretty plain sailing. I was due to be induced at 39+6 weeks as the growth scans and placenta checks had all been okay. I went into hospital to be induced on 29th December and Alistair was born that night at 00:08.

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